SuperBeam WiFi Direct Share




The fastest way to transfer files between Android devices


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SuperBeam WiFi Direct Share is a tool that enables you to share large files between two Android devices in a fast, secure way. All you have to do is link two devices using QR codes or a password created by the app itself.

Aside from the main file sharing function, the most interesting feature in SuperBeam WiFi Direct Share is one that allows you to share files with a device that doesn't have the app installed. To do so, the user of the other device just needs to access the app's website.

You can use SuperBeam WiFi Direct Share to share tons of files of all kinds. Images, songs, video, compressed files, APKs, whatever. Just select the one you want and start the transfer.

SuperBeam WiFi Direct Share is a powerful file transfer tool that you can use to share files between two devices in the fastest time possible.